Thursday, February 19, 2015


It has been an interesting few days here in east Tennessee. Over 20,000 people in the Knoxville area were without power as an ice storm hit Monday night. We lost power for 2 days as the temps hovered around 20 degrees. Besides being REALLY cold and tired of eating pantry remnants, we were worried about our pipes freezing...especially since it was already 30 degrees in the house and they were forecasting single digit temps. Not good news.  

So on day 2 with no power, we ventured out into the cold(er) to buy a generator and some space heaters. We encountered a LOT of frozen and cracked trees, demolished power lines, but also plenty of gorgeous trees and bushes dripping in icicles. Even with all the local stores' food and supplies dwindling, we ran into good samaritans everywhere we turned. The sweetest couple in Target was willing to give us the last coffee percolator, even though they were without power too. An older man in the Lowes parking lot not only lent us a screwdriver and helped chisel ice off the tailgate so we could open it, but then proceeded to help lift the generator into the truck. A coworker of Arik's built a piece for the generator so it could plug directly into the house. A neighbor lent us a gas can and rode along to the gas station so we could get more fuel for the generator. Friends offered warm meals and beds. The love and support was truly amazing.

We are sooooo grateful to have heat again, but know there are a lot of people still without power. 
So keep sending good thoughts/love/prayers this way. I know everyone here appreciates it.