Tuesday, January 28, 2014

my current crushes

Whenever I find products that I love, I want to shout it from the roof tops. Since that's not safe, I thought I'd write about it here instead. Sound good? And if you have any products that are shout worthy, let me know. I may give the product a whirl and you a shout out. So spill it! What are you smearing on your face, listening to on your iPod, or spraying on your lovely locks. I'm all ears.  


1. tangle teezer aqua splash So, I went to a new hair salon a few weeks ago and they used this magical contraption on my hair. It's part comb, part brush, and completely amazing. You can use it in the shower to help distribute conditioner, but why I love it....it gets rid of tangles in seconds. Seriously, it usually takes me 10 minutes to comb through my tangled mop after a shower. And with this, knots are gone in 2 minutes, tops. For any thick/curly/wavy haired folk...try it. You'll love it.

2. essie nail polish in black licorice. I'm loving pure black on nails right now. I know spring is around the corner and I could be looking at brighter colors, but I can't. Not after wearing this. It's so chic. And it goes with everything. And glitter on the tips looks amazing. I'm not ready for pinks yet. Talk to me in a few weeks.

3. urban decay eyeshadow primer potion The lovely sales girl at Sephora steered me to this stuff. Not only does it glide on like a dream, but it keeps eyeshadow from getting the dreaded crease (or migrating to other parts of your face), AND it has anti-aging ingredients. sold.

4. a great big world Every time I hear track 13 on this cd, "Say Something" with Christina Aguilera, I melt into a weepy mess. every. time. A sobbing, red faced, runny nosed mess. The song is beyond beautiful. If you haven't heard it, or seen the video, do yourself a favor and click HERE

5. savannah bee company hand and nail salve I'm always on the hunt for great hand/cuticle cream. I don't want chemicals. I don't want it to wear off. And I want it to smell good. This stuff is it. It has sunflower and olive oils mixed with essential oils and beeswax. The result = happy hands.

6. l'oreal magic lump concealer This is literally magic for under eyes. It looks like you've gotten a full night sleep and leaves you glowing...without sparkles. So after you've watched "Say Something," go grab this stuff, and you'll be good to go.