Thursday, January 2, 2014

happy new year

Happy new year friends! 2014 is heeeeerrrrree (said in my best Oprah voice). We've all got a clean slate. A sparkly, shiny, squeaky clean slate. I don't normally subscribe to new year's resolutions. That being said, I do think it can be beneficial to notice any areas of our life that we've outgrown or are no longer serving us...especially areas that are creating unnecessary stress or draining energy. Maybe it's saying "yes" when we really want to say "no." Or hanging out with that person who is an expert in taking (I call said person an "emotional vampire"...they suck up other's time & energy with little regard for anyone else's time/feelings/ know the type.) Or maybe it's listening to that negative internal voice that serves no purpose other than to drag us down and convince us that we're not OK.
Whatever the energy drain may be, the first step is recognizing it. 
Over and over and over.  

This year I'm going to do my best to recognize the areas of my life that are draining my energy.
One I can think of right away: not accepting the present moment as it is. Wanting the now to be different in any way, shape, or form = HUGE waste of energy. It can be something as simple as wishing I wasn't waiting in line at the store, to wanting my body to be healing faster/better/different. 

To preserve energy, I intend to notice when I'm not accepting the present. 
(and to not beat myself up when this doesn't happen.) For me, being accepting of the present moment doesn't mean being complacent when things need to change (oh, this person is treating me poorly, I guess I'll just accept it), but rather staying grounded and present enough to notice what is happening RIGHT NOW so that if change is needed, I'll be clear enough to act accordingly. (ok, I notice right now I'm having a reaction to how I'm being treated, let me accept this as a valid feeling and see/feel if anything needs to be done.) All which takes lots and lots of practice.
So yeah, reclaiming lost/wasted energy. That's what 2014 is all about for me.

We rang in the new year downtown with a few friends, and the night turned out to be perfect. (You never know how a new years eve out amongst the hooligans is going to be.) The venue proved to be lovely, as was the company. We, and all the other patrons in The Public House, behaved ourselves quite nicely. And on New Years Day we had a few people over for a small get together. We fashioned a bloody mary bar, enjoyed a few Kombucha shots, and sent people home with my fave dessert of 2013: chocolate peanut butter clusters (you can find the recipe HERE). 
It was super relaxing and the perfect start to 2014. 

So what about you? Any intentions for the new year? 
Are there any areas of your life draining energy? 

Here's to a year filled with meaningful connections and plenty of time (& ENERGY) 
for all that we love. xoxo