Wednesday, December 11, 2013

woodland animal ring dish {diy}

I've got a super cute diy for you all today. Ring dishes. I've been needing one and have seen plenty of contenders, like these from anthropologie....

but I really didn't want to spend a lot of money. So inspired by anthro, I set off to the craft store.

I found some (kinda creepy) tiny plastic animals that I thought might have potential and a few terra-cotta pot trays that would be perfect as dishes. I had glue and paint. So each ring dish came in at under $3. Wouldn't these make adorable gifts? I will answer that for you. yes. they would. I'm in love with them. And it's just good, ol' fashioned fun to convert creepy animals into boutique quality trinkets. Creepy to cute with the wave of a paint brush. I kinda feel like a super hero.

A really nerdy, but crafty, super hero.


*plastic animals
*terra-cotta pot trays
*white & gold acrylic paint
*paint brush
*extra strong craft glue

1. Paint the dishes and animals white.
2. When the animals are completely dry, dip the heads into gold paint. 
3. Let the animals dry upside down to prevent any dripping.
4. Glue the animals to the center of the dishes.
5. Let dry overnight.
6. Decorate the dishes with gold dots, squiggles, or any design you'd like. Touch up any areas that need it and let dry.