Friday, December 20, 2013

peace tea towel {diy}

Happy Friday! Whew, did this week fly or what?! It must be the holiday hustle and bustle. I've got an easy diy for ya'll today. I've been wanting some holiday-ish kitchen towels to put out this season. Nothing with reindeer, santa, or elves. It's not that I dislike the aforementioned holiday critters, but I tend to lean towards classic when it comes to Christmas decor. And since I'm not always on the ball with the taking down of holiday decorations, these towels can stay out a little longer without looking too terribly crazy/lazy. 
And we all really want peace on earth year round anyway, right?

I picked up a pack of 4 tea towels at Target for under $5 and the fabric pen for under $1. Cheap: check. After you get your supplies, all you have to do is trace. Easy: check. Cheap & easy...qualities to look for in diy projects (not people)

I kinda want to do a bunch of these now. I like how they look all weathered and rustic. The possibilities are endless. (creative wheels spinning) I designed the typography for these peace towels, and I'm happy to share it with you. That's what friends are for, right? 
Happy Holidays! 

{Have a great weekend}


*the peace printable {link at the bottom}
*ultra thin tea towel {I think they're also called flour sacks?}
*a fabric pen
*tape - or one of the round plastic hoops used for cross stitching to keep the tea towel in place while you trace. I didn't use one...but it could be helpful.

1.Print out your peace printable on card stock.
2.Tape it down to the table.
3.Position your flour sack over the card stock, taping on all sides to keep it still.
4.Keeping the towel still, LIGHTLY outline the letters.  
5.Fill in the letters.
6.Read your fabric marker directions about washing, etc.

Idea for dinner party: make multiples and place over chairs for guests to use as napkins.

Molly prefers our towel in the kitchen. I concur. (She has such a good eye)

to download the peace typography, click HERE