Monday, December 2, 2013

hanging chalkboard {diy}

Eat. Drink. and be Merry. We did just that this weekend. We had friends over for a relaxing Thanksgiving meal. Lots of good food & merriment had by all. We've been eating leftovers for days with no end in sight...which I'm ok with at this point. (talk to me in a couple more days)

So we have a fun and easy DIY for you all. A rustic hanging chalkboard. We had one of those cheap particle board, 3-legged side tables with a glass top that was taking up precious closet space. I finally decided to put the glass top to use. But I didn't want a circle chalkboard just floating in the middle of the wall, so I added a wreath with burlap ribbon. Instant cuteness. And you can decorate it for each holiday. I may get crazy and throw a few berries on there for Christmas. It's about to get cray-zeeee up in here! (we have another fun chalkboard reveal coming up next week. stay tuned...)


hanging chalkboard

*glass tabletop
*glass primer spray paint
*chalkboard spray paint
*drop cloth
*4 1/4" plastic mirror clips, 4 anchors, 4 screws (we got a kit at Lowe's that had all of these)
*tape measure
*screw driver or drill
*hook for hanging wreath
*screw for hook
*ribbon for hanging wreath

1. Set out the drop cloth and spray your (clean) glass with primer.
2. Let dry and spray with chalkboard paint. Let dry and apply more coats as needed. 
3. While that's drying, measure where you'd like your chalk board to hang and mark at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock on the wall. These points are where your mirror clips will go.
4. Drill in the anchors and the mirror clips. Don't screw the clips in all the way.
5. After the chalkboard is dry (wait at least 24 hours), use the side of the chalk to cover the entire chalkboard surface. Then wipe clean with a clean rag. (This preps the chalkboard so the first thing you write isn't permanent.) 
6. Slip the chalkboard into the mirror clips and tighten the screws.
7. Screw the hook for hanging your wreath into the wall at the desired height. (give yourself enough room to let the wreath hang at least a foot or so)
8. Attach your ribbon to the wreath and tie to the hook.
9. Grab your chalk and start drawing!