Tuesday, December 3, 2013

cranberry havarti & turkey panini

Mmmmmm....thanksgiving leftovers. We made some delicious turkey & veggie soup and these tasty paninis have made several appearances. The spice of the mustard + the creamy havarti + sweet cranberry = perfection. I normally am not a fan of canned cranberry sauce, but for paninis, the stuff works great. It's a delicious, easy, and quick little meal.

What's your favorite thanksgiving leftover meal?

cranberry havarti & turkey panini

*1 tbsp canned cranberry
*1 oz soft havarti cheese
*3 oz turkey
*1 tbsp spicy mustard
*2 slices of bread (I used udi's gluten free bread...love that stuff)

1. Spread the mustard and cranberry on your bread.
2. Layer turkey and havarti.
3. Grill or put in panini press.
4. Serve warm and melty.

Serves 1