Thursday, December 12, 2013

Anthropologie inspired gift tags ~ free printable ~

Less than 2 weeks until Christmas?! Where has the month/season/year gone? I'm actually excited for the new year. Every January is so hopeful. We all have the slate wiped clean. A fresh start. So I'm going to embrace the fast-paced season and look forward to the squeaky clean new year.

Until then, we need to wrap our holiday gifts (or throw them into gift bags). I saw some cute holiday
gift tags at Anthropologie (what ISN'T cute at that place?) But they were $, no. One of the perks of being a graphic designer (besides working from home in my pjs) is I have fancy software that lets me create fancy designs. It's all very fancy...except for the pjs part. So I thought I'd create my own Anthropologie inspired gift tags. And what's better than creating something fancy? Sharing it. 

So here's a gift to all my lovely blog readers. Happy Holidays a little early. xoxo

(I used a gold metallic sharpie to trace several of the tags. It gives them a little extra shimmer.)

Simply click on the link below to download the free printable PDF. You can print the file directly from google reader (find the little printer icon in the upper left) or save the file to your desktop (the little arrow button in the upper left). If you save, you'll need a PDF reader to open. (Once saved, the file can only be opened and printed, it won't let you alter.) I suggest printing on heavier card stock for durability. If you want to get extra fancy, find a metallic sharpie and embellish away.

{Happy Holidays}


to download your free holiday gift tags click HERE

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