Monday, November 25, 2013

wood & copper wine rack {diy}

Holiday week here we come! This weekend flew by. Anyone else? We've been busy busy. Lots of exciting projects. Arik has been building some pretty amazing things lately. A reclaimed wood bottle opener/bottle cap display. A liquor bottle shelf/wine glass holder. And now this little gem. (It may appear we have a drinking problem, but the first two were gifts for friends...I promise.)  We've been getting reclaimed wood from a guy that tears down old barns around Knoxville. Yeah, we have a wood guy. Everything we've gotten from him has been rustic and completely fabulous. We've been working hard to put all the gorgeous reclaimed wood to use. So stay tuned. 

I'm super happy with how this turned out. I've seen a few other wine racks similar to this floating around the web, but some had nails to keep the bottles in place and most used new wood. I love the look of the old, rough wood with the bright, shiny copper. Two of our shelves were a little skinnier than the others, but I think it just adds to the charm. We used what we had. Perfect schmerfect. 

Go dig around your garage or shed and see what you can find. You may have almost everything you need for this project already. It took us a few hours, but once you get the first shelf done, the rest go pretty quickly. And we did all the measuring for you which is what took us the longest. darn math. 

Here's what you need...

1. Cut your 5 pieces of wood to 7" wide x 6" deep.
2. Sand all the pieces until you're happy with the texture.
3. Cut 10 pieces of copper. All 3-3/4" long.
4. On each shelf: drill 1 hole (about 3/4" deep), 2" from the left side of the shelf and 1" from the front. Drill another hole 2" from the right side of the shelf and 1" from the front.
5. Insert the cut copper pieces and hammer into place.   

6. On the back of the base piece, measure 1-1/4" from the bottom and draw a line straight across. From that line, measure 7" and draw another line. From there, measure 1-1/4" and draw a line. Keep measuring 7" followed by 1-1/4" until you're to the top of the board. This measures out where your 1-1/4" thick shelves will go.
7. Place a shelf underneath your base board at the very bottom, making sure the copper pieces are pointed up the board is positioned correctly to accommodate the wine bottle. Drill 2 screws through the base board into the shelf. Repeat with all the shelves.
 8. On the back side of the wine rack, attach your keyhole hanger at top center. (not pictured) We used something similar to this.

***Make sure you use an anchor, and find a stud before you hang.*** 
You don't want your wine taking a nose dive.

For all you visual people, here's a pic with all the measurements:

That's it! Now you have a fabulous new home for all your fancy wine bottles. I almost don't want to drink them, they look so pretty up on the wall. bahahaha. pass the corkscrew.


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