Friday, November 22, 2013

herb swag {diy}

It's finally Friday! This week felt like 2 weeks smashed into one. ugh. Thankfully next week is a short one. I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. We are having a few friends over for drinks and eats, and lots of relaxing will be on the itinerary. I really believe that's how all holidays should be. Relaxing with friends and family. That's it. No black friday/brown thursday (did you hear that's what media outlets are calling thanksgiving day now?! craziness.). No thank you.

In keeping with the laid back approach, all the holiday decorations are staying super simple this year.  I'm using natural, green, and upcycled decor as much as possible. I love the idea of using herbs for decorating. Not only do they look farmhouse chic (yes, that's what I'm calling it), but they smell amazing, and you can clip a few sprigs to use while you're cooking. You can easily make this yourself, and it's fun to dig your hands into all the delicious smelling herbs! 
FUNctional art at it's finest. Get it?!?
(yup, I'm that girl.)


herb swag

*herbs - I used rosemary, thyme, & basil
*twine or hemp

1. Wash your herbs and leave them out to dry on paper towel overnight.

 2. Group together 6-7 sprigs and tie together at the top, wrapping the twine around several times. Leave one end of the twine extra long. All of the other sprigs will be tied to this piece, so decide how long you want your piece to hang and add a few extra inches for the hanging loop at the top.

3. Tie your loop at the top like shown below. Trim off any excess. Now you have your hanging loop.

4. Grab another 6-7 bunches of whichever herb you'd like and tie the bunch onto the twine just above the first grouping. Repeat this until you're up to the top. Filling in any holes or gaps as needed.

That's it! Super easy. Be sure to keep your herb swag out of direct sunlight and heat so it lasts longer. 

How are you decorating for the holidays this year? Simple? Extravagant? Skipping it entirely?
I wanna hear all about it!

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