Friday, October 4, 2013

sweatshirt love


I've been a little MIA this week in blog land. I've been cleaning out the house like a mad woman. Getting rid of clothes we no longer wear, random stuff that has been shoved in closets and never used, old dog kennels that have long been outgrown, and on and on. It feels soooo good to clear out old stuff. How do 2 people accumulate so much stuff? We took 10 bags of clothes and shoes to goodwill....ten bags!!!! That is insane. And I've been selling the rest on-line in a local  Facebook group (which I'm now obsessed with).

Something I realized (Ok, I kinda already knew this, but it became glaringly obvious) during the closet clean out...I'm not a fancy person. Or a dressy person. Or someone who likes to deviate from yoga attire when I can help it. So anything that isn't casual, super comfy, and somewhat neutral is going to sit in my closet. forever. I've rounded up a few lovelies that would fit perfectly into my casual/cool/lazy wardrobe philosophy.

Here's hoping you find a few moments to lounge and enjoy a comfy/cozy/lazy weekend.


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