Friday, August 9, 2013

kitchen cuteness

Um...can someone tell me when Crock Pots became cute? I had no idea there were such stylish little pots hiding amidst the black, gray, and brown ones. I love the colorful chevron pattern this one's a chic charlie brown sweater. And don't get me started about KitchenAid mixers.
I want need one. I'm in love with all the bright colors. I don't know if I'd get this one or the aqua sky color...or maybe the majestic yellow? (such tough imaginary decisions)

And let's talk about this adorable Kate Spade mug. Eat cake for breakfast? As if we needed urging.


(1) kitchen aid mixer   (2) chevron tea towel   (3) pink lines tea towel
(4) agate coasters   (5) spatulas   (6) crock pot   (7) mug   (8) kid's apron