Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{diy} tribal vase

I've got a super cute and easy DIY for you all today. It really is easy. Remember stenciling with potatoes in middle school art class? This is kinda like that but instead of a potato, we use a pencil eraser. With "tribal" style art you can be a little haphazard with your technique. No straight lines. Nothing too perfect. It's all very laid back and easy breezy.
(My favorite kind of art & vacations & people)

I bought this lucky bamboo plant at Walgreens for $1.99, and I'm thinking about going back to grab a few more for gifts. Wouldn't this be a cute housewarming present? I mean $1.99 for a little good luck is a no brainer. Do you think more bamboo = more good luck?
(Dear Arik, you may or may not be coming home to a house with bamboo plants shoved in every corner, on every shelf, in every room. Love, your bamboo-obsessed-but-soon-lucky wife)

*acrylic paint
*paint tray
*old cup to hold water
*small paint brush
*pencil with eraser
*xacto knife
*paper towel

1. Paint your vase with a base color.
2. Using the xacto knife, carve a triangle into the eraser.
3. Paint a thin layer of gold onto the tip of the eraser and carefully press the eraser onto the vase.
4. Repeat step 3 until you've gone completely around the vase.
5. Dip the pencil into the gold and create a dot border.
6. Continue to design your vase however you like. Have fun!

{wishing you a day filled with luck, laughs, and lots of love}
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