Monday, July 8, 2013


We've had a busy few weeks. I need a vacation from all the vacationing! We traveled to Asheville, NC to celebrate our 10th anniversary. The weather was gorgeous, the food was delicious, and the accommodations were amazing. The pic above is on the drive into Asheville. Gotta love sunshine + the Smoky Mountains. 

We stayed in a secluded mountain top japanese spa. The surroundings were breathtaking.

and the view from our room........


We ventured into downtown Asheville and ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Early Girl Eatery. 
Arik was ready for a cold one.
Ok, a couple cold ones. Asheville has a pretty eclectic craft & local beer scene. Arik took advantage.
 After beer time, we enjoyed a little spa time. (no pics of spa time, thankfully...but it was amazing.) Whenever we go to Asheville, we don't want to leave. There's something about the laid-back vibe of everyone you meet, mixed with the organic, locally grown food, and the backdrop of the mountains and blue skies that soothes the soul. It's magical. LOVE that place. 


We got home Sunday and my parents arrived from WI on Monday. Unfortunately, so did the rain. It rained every day they were here. So we popped into the local greenhouse, where we wouldn't get rained on, and ooh-ed & ahh-ed over all the crazy beautiful botanicals. 


When the rain stopped for a few minutes, we tip-toed outside, did a little bit of gardening, the guys pulled up some blackberry bushes gone wild, and we found this little gem.......

new beginnings on the horizon.

We ate, relaxed, wandered downtown for a bit, ate some more, and stayed close to home during the intermittent downpours. No fireworks or parades for us. Just eating, relaxing, & rain watching.
I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July festivities.
What did you all do this weekend?