Friday, July 26, 2013

flower arranging ideas

Thanks to the copious amounts of rain we've been getting this Summer, our flowers are doing amazing. But since we don't particularly enjoy sitting outside during monsoons, we haven't had much time to gaze upon all the beautiful blooms. So I decided to bring all the gorgeousness inside. Doesn't your house just feel extra happy with fresh cut flowers? The answer is yes.

Here are a couple tips and tricks to give your flower arrangements a modern twist. 
Have a fabulous (and hopefully super sunny) weekend. 

{happy decorating}


 Gather your supplies:
*large leaves
*clear vases

1. Grab any kind of large leaves for covering your vase. I used iris and hosta leaves.  
2. Cut your tall leaves to the same height.
3. For shorter vases, you can wrap longer leaves (like iris) around the inside of the vase lengthwise. You can overlap or leave space between the leaves like I show below. You can weave with the leaves, make patterns, or anything that looks great.
4. For my taller vase, I used the long iris leaves to poke out in-between the zinneas. They create a great star shape from above. Hint: If the leaves are being unruly, grab your tape and make a grid across the top of the vase. Your flowers will cover any traces of the tape.
5. You can also use hosta leaves for the inside of your vase (my good friend showed me this trick and I do it every year now). The bigger leaves hide all of the flower stems and add a bright pop of green.
6. Add water and flowers to your vases.