Thursday, June 13, 2013

flavored ice cubes {gf,v}

Water. Let's be honest here, it's boring. But we all kinda need it. What are they saying now, 8 glasses a day? a gallon? ugh. (who are these water police anyway?)  So instead of begrudgingly consuming 8 blah glasses, let's make them a bit tastier (and prettier). Cut up some fruit, veggies, herbs and throw them in ice cube trays and freeze. It couldn't be easier, and the combos are endless. I made: grapefruit + mint, strawberry + basil, and lemon + cucumber. They were all delicious. I tried them in sparkling water and they looked gorgeous. And I just felt I was at a spa (a spa with 3 dogs barking and digging up my flowers, but at least they served good water).

Wouldn't these be cute at a shower? How do you stay hydrated in the summer?