Thursday, May 9, 2013

fruity vodka chiller

Happy thirsty Thursday! finally. Why is this week taking forevvvveeeerrrrr? We're almost to the sweet, sweet weekend now though. hallelujah. We've got a refreshing drink chock-full of vitamin c for you all today. It has a few shots of vodka mixed with orange, pomegranate, and grapefruit juices. As I sip this beauty, I like to tell myself that it's super good for me with all the antioxidants and vitamin c. You know what they say...a fruity vodka drink a day keeps the doctor away...or something like that.

fruity vodka chiller

*3 shots orange juice
*2 shots pomegranate juice
*2 shots grapefruit juice
*2 shots vodka

1.Place all ingredients in drink shaker with ice and mix well.
2.Pour over ice and enjoy.

Serves 1 

What's for happy hour?