Friday, March 1, 2013

sunny kitchen inspiration

If you're dreaming of warmer weather but a tropical vay-cay isn't in the near future, why not bring the sunshine to you? These cheery finds are sure to brighten up the kitchen (and hopefully our moods). I'm thinking our kitchen needs at least 5 of these...hey, they're cheaper than a Caribbean getaway. 
{1} How cute is this apron? It's almost too cute to wear...almost.
{2} Nothing brightens up a space like greenery. We have several of these hanging terrariums in our kitchen window. Love them. See my terrarium obsesh HERE.
{3} We don't have a rug in our kitchen, but I'm seriously rethinking that oversight after seeing this. Bonus: it looks like it would hide a multitude of sins....crumbs? what crumbs?
{4} These plates are so fresh looking. Perfect for a spring brunch.
{5} Nesting owl measuring cups. I'm pretty sure I'd end up eating cereal out of these...they're too cute to just use for measuring.
{6} Le Creuset cast iron soup pot. This sunny pot makes me think I could survive on soup alone. It's so pretty. I think soup from this pot would magically taste better, don't you?
{7} Vintage chic napkins from the store that does vintage best...Anthropology. LOVE that place. (Soooo excited Anthro is opening in K-town!!! Love it!) Love these napkins. So much love.
Any sunny favorites?