Monday, March 25, 2013

{DIY} fairy garden

Our good friends were in town visiting from Des Moines last week. Nothing is better than a week with your besties! (Except if they would move here. hint. hint.) Said friend works at a super cute plant shop and makes the most magical terrariums and plant groupings you've ever seen. So I enlisted her help in creating a fairy garden for under $30. Fairy gardens are basically cute, teeny, tiny gardens...complete with tiny plants, tiny arbors for the plants to climb, and tiny furniture (so the fairies feel welcome, of course.) There's something about tiny toiletries, mini cupcakes, teeny furry animals, and super small plants that makes me deliriously happy. So teeny garden = maximum giddiness. There's a million different ways to create your own fairy garden. Most of the things you need, you probably already have laying around. I'm in love with the finished product. Here's the breakdown of what we used and the approximate costs:
plants:$3.99/ea ($7.98 total)
moss:$3.99 for small bag (used $1.50 worth)
iron fairy:$15.00
glass container:$4.37
soil:$5.49 for 3 lb bag (used $1.00 worth)
stick, pebbles, charcoal & twine (FREE: already had it all.)
You could save a few more bucks if you used plants/dirt from your yard (or your neighbors. just kidding. sort of.) This was seriously so much fun to make. I'm 100% sure we're going to have the happiest fairies on the block.


Here's what you need:

1. Fill your container with pebbles until about 2 inches high. These are for drainage. You don't want any of your plant roots staying wet.
2. Layer charcoal until the pebbles are covered. We used hardwood lump charcoal that is normally for grilling and carefully broke up the pieces. Charcoal helps reduce the formation of mold and fungus.
3. Add soil to desired level and position your plants. We used an organic indoor potting soil. Keep in mind where you'll be putting your garden and how much sunlight there is when you decide what plants to buy. We used a mini ivy and what I think is some kind of sedum. Both of which do not like tons of light.
4. Soak the moss in a bowl of water and squeeze out excess water.
5. Position the moss around all of the plants. The moss isn't just cute, it also helps hold in moisture.
6. Add in your fairy, arbor and stepping stones. We used a wet stick and bent it until the arbor was formed. You can use twine to help it hold its shape. (Don't worry if the stick breaks...ours did. You can cover it with the ivy.)  

You want to keep the top two inches of dirt moist. And you can spritz the leaves and moss if the mood strikes. Don't over water or let the soil completely dry out and you'll have a happy little garden.

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