Monday, February 11, 2013

silver & gold valentine's {or anytime}

Metallics + hearts = me swooooooning. Why save all the cute heart paraphernalia for Valentine's Day?
I say, "hearts year round!" The world needs more hearts! You can't be in a bad mood looking at little hearts. And everyone knows when something is silver or gold its awesomeness factor automatically quadruples. So these little gems are off the charts. 
Any favorites? Would you use heart accessories year round? 

{1} heart sweater  {2} necklace  {3} pillow 
{4} iphone case  {5} cosmetic bag  {6} cup cozy  {7} cuff


  1. i love that cuff, and think i need that pillow!!!

  2. I LOVE THE CUFF! It's so pretty! And that pillow would look adorable on a chair or bed :)

  3. Loving all of these picks for the Valentine's day season. Too cute!
    I would wear that heart sweater all year round! :)
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks HLL! I would for sure wear it year round. We could be twinsies! :)