Thursday, February 21, 2013

old fashioned

It's Thirsty Thursday time! This post is brought to you by Arik (the old-fashioned & bourbon connoisseur).
The first old fashioned I ever tried was of the brandy variety. Not a big fan. But like a true Northerner, I stuck with it until I found the right liquor/garnish combo. Bourbon with an orange twist emerged the clear winner. With this recipe I took it a step further and added a hint of brown sugar and a few olives for a unique twist on the classic. My bourbon of choice is Buffalo Trace or Makers Mark. Let me know what you think!
old fashioned
*2 orange slices
*1 tsp brown sugar
*couple dashes of bitters
*2 oz. bourbon
*splash of sprite
*2 olives
1.Muddle the brown sugar, bitters, sprite, & 1 orange slice together into a short glass.
2.Add the bourbon.
3.Add ice.
4.Garnish with remaining orange slice and olives.
 What's on tap for happy hour tonight?