Wednesday, February 20, 2013

cocoa+nut truffles {gf,v}

You are in for a treat today! These little gems lasted all of 24 hours in our house. They are the perfect after dinner treat. (or in my case...morning, midday and everytime-you-pass-by-the-container treat) They are THAT good. I'm not sure how they taste so rich and decadent but still manage to be so good for you. I'm also not sure what constitutes a truffle...but I know it sounded better than "nut balls." So "truffles" it is.
cocoa + nut truffles
{gluten free, vegan}
*1/2 cup gluten free oats
*1/3 cup almond meal (or you can grind your own almonds if you're fancy)
*1/4 cup finely chopped dates
*1/4 cup finely chopped walnuts
*1/3 cup almond butter
*1 Tbsp honey
*1 tsp vanilla
*1 Tbsp cocoa
*for coating: 2-3 Tbsp shredded coconut & cocoa
1.In a large bowl mix together the oats, almond meal, walnuts and cocoa.
2.Add in the dates, almond butter, honey, and vanilla until mixed.
3.Form equal size balls with dough.
4.Roll each ball in coconut or cocoa.
Makes approx 8 truffles.


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  1. YUM! I need to try making these.

    1. Megan, let me know if you do! And if you love 'em as much as us!

  2. Okay we will be pinning this any trying this recipe out soon! Great recipe. These look delicious!

  3. These truffles sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday!