Tuesday, January 29, 2013

wall baskets {DIY}

I'm not proud of what I'm about to show you. I debated only showing the "after" shot. But I realize the "before" shot is half of the makeover...and an important half at that. I've been fully aware of our bathroom "situation" for a while, but I just wasn't sure what to do about it. I would day dream about sparkling counter tops, but we don't have tons of storage, therefore, this happened.....

{big sigh} I know. gross. When you're done judging, continue reading.

We finally came up with a solution...not sure why we didn't think of it sooner. Baskets. Baskets on the wall so we can keep our counters clean. A girl's dream come true. For those of you that know your way around a power drill this will be easy.

*baskets you can easily drill through (ones that have a liner to cover the drill holes are best)
*2 L-brackets (per basket)
*4 anchors (per basket)
*8 screws (per basket)
*power drill

1.Figure out where you'd like your baskets to go. Make sure you take into account light switches, outlets, etc. I wanted to be able to keep my clarisonic & hair dryer plugged in, so we had to plan accordingly.
2.You want your brackets equidistant from both ends of your basket...so your measurements will depend on how big your baskets are.
3.After you've measured where your brackets go, drill your anchors into the wall.
4.Position the brackets over the anchors and screw baskets to the wall with 4 screws into the anchors.
5.Using the remaining screws, attach the bottom of the baskets to the brackets.
And that's it! An easy, 20 minute DIY that makes a HUGE difference.
Handy tip: I keep cleaning wipes in one of the baskets for quick counter wipe downs.

I like using mason jars for any items you need daily...brushes, q-tips, etc. Cheap & cute.

Now we just need to paint, change the faucet fixtures, hang some artwork, change the mirror. {sigh}
 How do you keep your bathroom organized?


  1. Totally not judging your before photo! Looks great and love how you've added in the mason jars. Mason Jars just make everything look better I've decided. - Marilyn@brewedtogether.com

    1. Thank you Marilyn...I appreciate the lack of judgement! :) I totally agree about mason jars. love 'em.