Tuesday, January 1, 2013

one question

Confession time: I don't love (or even like) the idea of New Year's resolutions. To me, they feel kinda heavy. Posing as the metaphoric dark cloud, threatening to downpour the minute you don't hold up your end of the bargain. And the underlying message is usually (not so subtly) suggesting that you're not OK as you are. The way you are currently living is obviously too unhealthy, regimented, boring, lazy, busy, (insert your own negative adjective here). The mindset becomes: unless I resolve to stop eating butterfingers for the rest of my life, lose 8.7 pounds by March 3, meticulously clean and organize every corner of my office/garage/closets, I'm not an upstanding citizen of humanity.
This year what if we all just ease up on ourselves a little? What if we all take a step back and appreciate everything we ARE instead of everything we are not? What if we don't listen to that negative internal voice that's trying to persuade us to change?
*****What if we simply love ourselves more?*****
That is the question that will be fueling my 2013. Does what I'm thinking/doing/feeling fill me with more love? And that's it for me. No resolutions to change, do or be something else. Just a gentle reminder uncover the love that's already there.
What about you?
What does loving yourself look like for 2013?


  1. Wow, I just ran into this after reading one of your recipes. I really needed it. You see, I have been in such a sad lonely place lately... I will make a note to myself as a reminder and refer back to your words often. Thank you!

    1. I'm glad my words were able to provide some comfort. I hope brighter days are ahead for you. I'll be sending you love.