Monday, January 14, 2013

oh so golden {DIY}

 I am soooo crushing on gold right now. I love its vintage-y feel, all sparkly and glamorous. I especially swoon when it's mixed with other materials you wouldn't expect to see it with. Wood. Leather. Silver. Our bonus room has slowly been undergoing a bit of a makeover, so I couldn't wait to work my gold crush into the mix.

These little guys were perfect candidates for the midas touch.
I wanted them to look a little aged and antiquishy (that's a mix between antique and squishy), so I used two different shades of acrylic gold paint. The darker for the recessed parts and the lighter for the raised areas that would naturally wear faster. Then I just sponged away. Super easy. I LOVE how they turned out. Here's how I did it.
Antiqued golden owls {DIY}

1. Start slathering on the lighter paint. It doesn't matter how sloppy you are. Just get it on there.  

2. Use a sponge to create a nice, rough texture.
3. Use the darker color paint and do a 2nd coat. Really getting in the corners.

4. Use the sponge to blend.

5. Take the lighter color and apply to the areas that stick out the most.

6. Blend it in with the sponge.

And that's it! You could use sandpaper if you wanted to age them a little more. But I was happy with their age...old enough to know better, young enough not to care. ;)  Now I want to paint everything gold!!! ****Speaking of gold...did you watch the golden globes? What'd you think?****