Friday, January 11, 2013

love stones

I like to color. I poo-poo the idea that coloring (and art in general) is just for kids. Who made that rule? Probably the same guy that invented panty hose. It's old and outdated thinking in my book. Coloring is a huge stress reliever for me...and a much needed creative outlet. 

I often create art and attempt DIY projects around the house, but sometimes I wish I could do more. Something to bring a little joy to other people. So once in a while, I get out my trusty Sharpies and color little designs and happy messages on stones and hide them around town. 

I imagine someone finding a colorful little heart stone amidst the dreary, winter backdrop and it brightening their day...even just a little. I think we often forget that it's usually the little gesture or comment that makes the biggest impact.

What can you do today, or this weekend, to bring a little sunshine to someone's day?


  1. You are the cutest person ever!!! Those stones will brighten anyone's day!

    1. Annecia, you are so sweet! Let's hope so. :)