Monday, January 21, 2013

{DIY} spiky vase

What to do with a cracked and chipped glass vase? Smear it with goo and make it spiky and gold, of course. I like having a couple quirky pieces strategically placed throughout the house. Enter: spiky, gold vase.

I didn't get the best "in progress" shots because my fingers were covered in paste (and I really didn't want my camera to be). But the process is simple: slather the vase with plaster and mold it to whatever shape you want. This plaster fills in cracks, dries super hard, and is waterproof after it sets...perfect for vases.

Here's what you need:
*glass vase
*modeling paste {I used Liquitex}
*paint - acrylic
*paint brush

{DIY} spiky vase

1. Gather your supplies. Cover your surface with plastic or newspaper---most important step! 
2. Paint on the modeling paste extra thick, fill in cracks. You can mix your paint color right into the paste to create a primer.
3. Shape your paste. I pressed my finger into the goo and quickly pulled it out...the spiky was born.

Since I had some left over paint, I decided to use it on some empty tea bottles I had laying around. {Side note: I rarely get rid of glass bottles. Tea, wine, olive oil...they all make such great vases! If you ever need a quick, inexpensive gift, cut some flowers from the yard, throw them in one of your glass bottles, and you're good to go.} To make these gold vases: pour acrylic paint into your glass bottle, swish it around, and set it upside down in an old container to drip dry. So. Easy. And the more you group together, the better they look. It's the strength in numbers thing.

Don't these tulips have you dreaming of Spring? I'm over Winter.

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