Thursday, December 27, 2012

to juice or not to juice

We've been debating between jumping on the juicing bandwagon and buying a juicer or investing (and I really mean investing...cha-ching$$$) in a VitaMix. Our fabulous friends lent us their juicer so we can see if this is the route we're wanting to go. (Thanks Paulsons)
Today I made a fabulously tasty juice with: spinach, carrots, collard greens, cucumber, lemon, grapes, apple, blueberries, and a wee bit of ginger. Now I am fully aware that this does not look all. This is the unfortunate result of too many colors mixing. (remember kidergarden art class? SOOO fun to mix all the paints together...until your picture looks like a mud pie) But if you're considering juicing, don't let the weird colors deter you. The final product is super delicious...and equally good for you. The only downside: clean up. Not my favorite. But the juice makes it worth the effort. And I found a good use for the unused pulp, but more on that in another post!
Anyone out there juicing or VitaMixing? Pros/Cons to either? 



  1. I have jumped on the juicing bandwagon.... did a three day cleanse right after thanksgiving. our juicer was cheap and really does the trick.

  2. Linsey: thanks for the link! Do you follow a specific cleanse or have any favorite recipes?

  3. after watching this video

    i did a long weekend reboot and now juice for a meal here or there. i have used a few of the recipes here:

    will probably be blogging a recipe sometime soon!!

  4. That's a great documentary. Can't wait to see your juice recipe!