Friday, July 20, 2012

XXL DIY dreamcatcher

There are a lot of stories revolving around dreamcatchers. Some legends say Native Americans believed that good dreams passed through the webbing while the bad dreams were caught. Another theory is that good and bad dreams are caught in the web, but only the good dreams know to travel down the feather to the sleeper and the bad dreams are destroyed in the morning light. I think I like the first idea best...I don't want my good and bad dreams all tangled up. I mean, what if the bad dreams try to tackle the good ones and end up sliding down the feather instead of the good ones? It seems like a lot of logistics. So, I think I'll believe that the good dreams easily pass through the nice large holes. Sound good?

This was a super fun (and big) project. The finished dreamcatcher is about 3 feet tall. You can make it whatever size you want depending on your wreath size. The weaving was easy once I got the hang of it. The website HERE explains the weave perfectly. I used about 35 ft of hemp. If you choose beads with large enough holes, you can string beads on as you weave. I put one turquoise bead on my web representing the spider. (another legend says a spider gave a tribe grandmother the message to set the web above the crib to snare the bad I thought I'd give the spider a shout out) 

After you weave your web, it's pretty self explanatory. Tie several strings to the bottom. Attach feathers with your pipe cleaners. Add beads and you're done. So fun! Here's to nights filled with wonderfully peaceful dreams. 

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