Wednesday, June 27, 2012

more visitors

My parents were here for an extended weekend...and we ended up putting them to work! My dad helped Arik install new trim around our patio and front doors, paint the door trim and front door, and power wash the siding and the patio. We're so appreciative of all their help and couldn't be happier with our shiny siding and sparkling new doors. Here's some pics:
fixing the trim.

I wonder if anyone else notices the hole in the wall?

Arik grilling a delicious dinner.

the chocolate chip cookies that ernie ended up stealing, eating...
and then puking.

Mom getting a cookie before they were dognapped.

the guys washing the siding.

while the guys were working hard, the girls got pedicures.
we didn't want to get in the way! :)

the patio doors after. so nice.

the front door after. no more black.


much deserved relaxing.

The parents probably need a vacation from their "vacation!"
Thanks again for everything!