Wednesday, May 23, 2012

connected jewelry now open! on-line jewelry shop "connected," is finally open!
It's on the ETSY website...
go to the "shops" tab and type in "connectedjewelry." 

I find something extremely gratifying about being completely immersed in a creative project from start to finish. I've been doing everything from shopping for the perfect stones and silver, designing and creating the jewelry, and taking the photos, to writing the copy, and setting up the website. With something new, there's always a bit of uncertainty. (How do I claim taxes for different states? What if I end up spending more than I make? What if the pieces aren't well received? What if no one likes me? sigh.) But I whole heartedly believe if you never try, you'll never know what's possible. There may always be that nagging voice telling you why you shouldn't do something or why you're not good enough...but maybe, JUST MAYBE that first step will lead to something bigger than you ever could have imagined. So here's to the unknown, to taking that first step, and to dreams bigger than we could ever dream for ourselves!

To visit my jewelry shop "connected," click HERE.