Sunday, March 18, 2012

mystery pup: ernie

All 3 of our dogs are rescues, and all 3 are mixed breed. I love trying to figure out what they are mixed with...hours of entertainment. (I'm easily amused.) Lately, I've been trying to crack Ernie's genetic code. We know he's part black lab, but the rest is a mystery. He's 10 months old, all black--except for a little white on his chin, the tip of his tail, and few white hairs on several paws. He's almost 80lbs and fairly tall, full of energy, very protective (read: barks at anything within a 100 yard radius of the house), loves water, and is enamored with anything that flies. My best guess is he's mixed with german shepherd. I found a few pics to compare. What do you think?
(Ernie on the left)

Gypsy: a black lab/shepherd mix. link here.
They look so similar! They even lay the same!

A guy at the dog park told us Ernie looked just like a black lab/great dane mix he'd had. So of course I had to find some pictures to compare.

Griffon: a black lab/great dane mix. Same sweet eyes. 10 months, 70lbs.
Ernie has that beat by 10lbs already. yikes. link here.

I know we could get a mixed breed DNA test done for fairly cheap, but that takes all the fun out of it! We love our mutt puppy and our neverending guessing game. But do you think he's done growing? (Please!)

Any other guesses to Ernie's heritage?


  1. awww what a beautiful dog!!! I have a black lab =) u r too good rescuing him!

  2. This looks like my Timmy