Thursday, February 16, 2012

thankful thursday: 2

As we all know, some days it can be challenging to find any feelings of gratitude. I've found if you start appreciating the small things (your breath, birds chirping, post-its), that often it's those very "small things" that end up opening your awareness to just how much there is to be grateful for. If you're paying attention, there's a lot! If you're still not sure, ask any kindergardener what they're thankful for. Everything from crayons and legos to peanut butter and jelly will probably make their list. Kids see the world with curiosity and amazement and often find the wonder in things that, as adults, we tend to forget or overlook. (Remember how amazing legos were?) So tap into that inner 5 year old, and acknowledge what's making your heart sing today. Don't filter what comes to mind. Blurt it out.
Write it down. Sing it. Whatever gets the gratitude boat floating. 
Here's my list for today:

1.lemon water
it might seem simple, and it is. i've been squeezing lemon in my water lately. it makes me smile. it makes me think that summer (read: warmer, sunnier weather) is right around the corner. yay.

i wish i could say that i visit a local coffee shop and support the small business owners of knoxville. but i don't. i like starbucks. i'm grateful they're here. i like their coffee. more specifically, i like their grande decaf soy mistos. the first sip (if it doesn't burn my tongue) is like a symphony of happy bean dancers in my mouth. yeah, i like starbucks.

3.extra gum in mint choc chip
while we're talking about happy dances in my mouth, i must mention extra dessert delights gum in mint chocolate chip. it's like i'm enjoying mint chocolate chip ice cream without the calories (or brain freeze).  love it. have it every day.

4.essential oils
there's something about inhaling the aroma of lavender that just feels right. or using the coolness of peppermint to soothe a sore muscle. i use essential oils everyday. i happen to use young living oils. they're the purest around that i've found. love them. love.

5.boyfriend t-shirts
i am completely embracing the "boyfriend" clothing trend. (what? it's gone already? i don't care.) You have no idea what i'm talking about? it's just clothes that are cut larger and feel extremely comfy, slouchy, wonderful. lately i've been living in my target mossimo pocket t's. i found one for $5 yesterday. they're normally $8. i'm taking my extra $3 to starbucks. two loves for the price of one. and i'm grateful.

What are you thankful for today?