Thursday, February 9, 2012

thankful thursday: 1

I've decided to start a new blog section: thankful thursdays. I love the idea of counting my blessings every day...but I never get into the habit of writing them down. Enter: thankful thursdays. I'm actually going to write down a few (of the many) things I'm thankful for. Some big, some little. All important. I strongly believe that you get what you give...the more you're grateful, the more you have to be grateful for. Why should we save all our thankful thoughts for Thanksgiving? So here we go!
First ever thankful thursday...

comfort food at it's best. i like mine with raisins or bananas, cinnamon and almond butter. but i really want to try this recipe for baked banana bread oatmeal. yum.

2.desk plants 
without them my desk would be sad and lifeless. i love plants. spring can't get here fast enough. back is healing 
i can't begin to explain how thankful I am for this. i've been seeing a new chiropractor who does NOT administer the typical chiro hands on (read: cracking, popping, sometimes painful) adjustments. He uses a tool called the "integrator" that gently adjusts the nerves and spine. i don't really understand how it works, i just know it works. my pain level has reduced about 95% in four treatments. here's a link to sulack chiropractor where i've been getting these magical adjustments that explains the technology way better than i can.


i know this has been around forever, but i can't get enough. radio that knows what i like. genius. music makes sitting at your desk soooooo much better. handy husband 
my hubby has many talents. one of which is the ability to conceptualize and build things. not only that, but then he follows through and actually builds stuff. he made me some awesome drawer organizers this past weekend (blog post coming) that make me extremely happy. and he's cute. bonus.

How fun was that?! I feel so good. 
What are you thankful for today?