Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love is all you need

Happy Valentines Day! This year instead of exchanging gifts, Arik and I decided to make something together...something that we'd be able to keep for years to come. On Pinterest I'd seen several ideas where people used old pallets and turned them into fabulous pieces of art. We just happened to have a pallet lying around, so we gave it a whirl! I love mixing natural and rustic decor with more modern pieces, so this will fit in nicely with our design aesthetic. It was pretty easy to make too. Here's how we did it:

1. old pallet
2. particle board
3. circular saw (or something to cut the wood with)
4. hammer & nails
5. twine or heavy duty string (if you want to hang your art)
6. store bought stencils or 
    (if you want to design your own) an Xacto knife & card stock 
7. paint brush & acrylic paint
 Step 1:cut the boards off the pallet & arrange in a row.

 Step 2:cut the particle board several inches smaller than the total height and width of your pallet boards.

Step 3:Nail the particle board to the pallet boards. Make sure you nail each pallet board several times (and that your nails don't go through the front). 

Step 4:If you plan on hanging, tie the twine in a circle. Find the middle of the board and measure out 3-4 inches on either side. Nail the string to these 2 points.

Step 5:I wanted a custom font, so I made my own stencils. I picked a font on the computer (Font: Lapidary 333 Black, for any other font geeks!), printed out my words, and cut out the letters with an Xacto knife. You could also buy stencils in the store which would be way easier 
(and save LOTS of time).

 Step 6:Position the words on your pallet and tape them down.

 Step 7:Stencil away! I find it works best to start on the stencil and pull the paint towards the middle of the letter. Less bleedage.

And that's it! Custom art. easy & cute.

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with oodles of love. 
 (now go tell someone you love them!)

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  1. OHHH what a fabulous idea!!!!