Monday, February 13, 2012

Grandma's flatbread and lefse

Before I met my Minnesota-born-and-raised husband, I had no idea what lefse or flat bread were (did someone sit on the loaf?) I quickly learned that lefse [pronounced lef-sah] and flat bread are both traditional Scandinavian/Norwegian breads. Lefse looks a lot like a thin crepe or tortilla but is made with potatoes, creme, and lard (to name a few) and is cooked on a skillet. Now there are oodles of variations on flat bread recipes out there, but it's typically made with several flours, buttermilk, salt, etc. I can't reveal the secret family recipes, but let's just say these are both very much considered splurges in the diet department. (I think I saw bacon fat drippings somewhere in the flat bread recipe.)  Oh, did I mention you smear both with butter and sprinkle on brown sugar? 

Grandma Eleanor sent us a care package with both breads, and we enjoyed every morsel. And this concludes today's lesson on the differences of various Scandinavian/Norwegian breads. Next time we will be discussing the proper situations for the phrase "uffda." (Again, no idea what this was until the husband educated me. You either? It's a Norwegian catch-all word. It's used as "I'm sorry to hear that" or "I'm overwhelmed" or showing surprise, exhaustion, relief or can even replace curse words!) 
You're welcome.

(left) flat bread    (right) lefse   (back) hugest stick of butter you will ever see


 flat bread

 stick of butter we received in a christmas basket. over 8-1/2" tall. 
our poor arteries.

 lefse with butter and brown sugar.

roll it up and down the hatch it goes! yum.

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  1. I wish Grandma Eleanor would send ME a care package. As Harriet would say, nom nom nom!!!!