Friday, February 24, 2012

fun with paint

It's not quite nice enough to be outside. (boo) We've had several days filled with warm sunshine...and then back to rainy and cold (weather, you're such a tease). I find this time of year, I need to channel my eagerness (read: restlessness) for sunshine into something creative. The internet has TONS of amazing DIY projects to scratch your creative itch. But getting started, and even knowing where to look, can be a bit overwhelming. No need to worry because I've searched high and low and found some amazing (and easy) paint projects. Everything from sprucing up items you already own, to creating masterpieces from a blank canvas. 
Here are my favorites of the week:

  stickers and paint. canvas art. tutorial found HERE.

i LOVE the idea of a chalkboard paint backsplash in the kitchen. love. i have not, however, convinced my husband of how amazing this would be. (me: "we could write each other notes in the morning!" him: "we do that on post-its.") hmmmph.

so instead of painting our kitchen in chalk board paint, i settled for flower pots. super easy. super cute.

i'm in LOVE with this striped closet! if only i could keep a closet this beautiful. tutorial found HERE.

a $4 (YES, FOUR DOLLARS!) stenciled drop cloth runner. tutorial found HERE.

love the idea of spray painting mason jars. they look adorable grouped together. link found HERE.

painting ceiling medallions to decorate a blank wall?? genius. link found HERE.

stencil the inside panel of cabinet doors. it changes the entire look of the piece. love it. this stencil can be found HERE.

paint the inside of a hutch. this color is adorable. link found HERE.

too tired to paint? use paint CHIPS from your home improvement store, glue them to a canvas. or stick them in a frame. or tack them to a bulletin board. the possibilities (and color combinations) are endless. link found HERE.

{Looking for more ideas? Domestically Speaking has a paint party going on at their blog. Check it out HERE.}

Anyone have any fabulous DIY projects scheduled for the weekend? I'd love to hear from you! (If you're getting this blog post as an email update, make sure you visit the blog to comment. I don't receive any emails if you hit "reply" to those automated updates. Any replies to those get lost somewhere in cyberspace!)

{HAVE A GREAT (and inspired) WEEKEND!}