Thursday, January 12, 2012

happy happy joy joy

One of the major perks to Arik working at Sharpie is the free swag. I love a good pen...especially when it comes in crazy colors. Enter: InkJoy, by Paper Mate (a division of Sharpie). These little gems will be coming to a store near you. The mission was "to develop a revolutionary ink system that would give you the best in effortless writing...without dragging...delivering crisp, clean lines every time. We wanted to bring the joy back to writing..."  

I've taken them for a spin, and I kinda love the little guys. Fun, bright colors, reminiscent of skittles, and no goopy spots left on the paper. They brought me a little bit of joy, maybe they will for you too!

I started wondering how many Sharpie's we had laying around.
So I did a round up.
These are only a few of MANY...
1.Sharpie Accent Highlighter (retractable)   2.Sharpie Ultra Fine Point
3.Sharpie Fine Point   4.Sharpie Twin Tip
5.Sharpie Mini (aren't they cute?)  6.Sharpie Micro   7.Sharpie Pen

There are many divisions of Sharpie. One of my favorites being PRISMACOLOR. Anyone who has used a PRISMACOLOR knows the quality (ahem, and price) and knows how amazing they are. We were required to use these markers in collage art classes...if only I had this free swag back then. There would have been so much more money for beer clothes text books. :)
8.Paper Mate Flair    9.PRISMACOLOR Scholar    

Have a bright and happy day!


  1. Hi Laura! I stumbled on your blog and this post got me thinking about my tendency to be a bit of a pen snob! I definitely have funny! Anyways, I wanted to say hello :)

    1. Hi Stephanie!
      I love that you're a pen snob! Why should we settle, right?! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. I didn't know Sharpie owned Prismacolor (best colored pencils ever). You are so lucky you get to ample all of this stuff. I love Sharpies so much. I love flair pens too. If I only I could reach through the screen:)

    1. Erin, I didn't realize that Sharpie owned Prismacolor either! And just to blow your mind...Rubbermaid owns them both (along with a lot of other stuff like Calphalon, Graco, Goody...)! I think their colored pencils are pretty fabulous too. I still have a set from collage stashed away for a rainy day.