Friday, January 27, 2012

gemstones + jewelry = love

When I was around 7 or 8 years old, almost nothing brought me more joy than hunting for rocks. "Rocks?" you say. Yup. Rocks. My dad picked up a rock polisher at a garage sale, and I'm pretty sure he had no idea the countless hours I would soon spend scouring the yard and surrounding neighborhood for stones to polish. There was something satisfying (and somewhat miraculous) about seeing a dirty, dingy rock go into the tumbler and emerge a bright, sparkling and pristine little nugget.

Soon I discovered our town's Gem Shop. I had no idea how many different kinds of rocks there were. Or that they could be so shiny. And then there was...the JEWELRY. Jewelry with rocks! It was an amazing discovery. You could have your rocks with you at all times (with a bit more ease than stuffing them into your pockets). I was smitten.

Twenty five years later, I still feel like that little girl when I see a great piece of handmade jewelry. Only now, instead of polishing rocks, I design and make jewelry whenever I get the chance. The sparkly, shiny rocks are still my favorite. I've been lucky enough to sell quite a few pieces, but my dream is to one day have my own little studio where I can actually make money painting, making jewelry, and playing the entire day!

So take a look. I've only pictured a few of what's here. Most of these pieces are still for sale. Leave a comment below if you're interested in anything or if you just want to share your admiration of shiny things. I'd love to hear from you!

3 different necklaces.  
Top: ocean jasper. smoky quartz. moonstone. chalcedony.

 earrings. left: pearl. moonstone. turquoise.

 long peridot necklace. featured in top pic and directly below.

2 necklaces. Top: Labradorite. turquoise. chalcedony + a few others. 

earrings. left: quartz  right: moonstone & turquoise.

 so many stones. garnet. turquoise. peridot. apatite. citrine + more.

rose quartz. quartz. 


labradorite. chalcedony. quartz.

 turquoise. apatite. iolite. moonstone. quartz. featured in top pic.

labradorite and black pearl.


 top: moonstone & rutilated quartz. 
bottom: turquoise. aventurine. quartz. peridot. pearl. citrine + more.

 sodalite. chalcedony. peridot. amethyst. lemon quartz. iolite. 
smoky quartz. moonstone.


one of my favorites I've been wearing non-stop. 
ocean jasper. quartz. citrine + moonstone up on the chain. love.

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