Sunday, January 29, 2012

32 flavors (and then some)

It was Arik's 32nd birthday on Tuesday. I put together a little surprise for when he got home from work Tuesday night. Lots of fun decorations plus 32 bottles of beer, 32 lottery tickets and more than 32 mini snickers cupcakes. The cupcakes were insanely good.

Saturday night we had our friends, Aaron and Katie, over for some cheddar ale burgers, beer fries, beer (seeing the theme yet?) and card playing. A beer lovin' boy's birthday wishes come true.

32 bottles of beer on the wall. 32 bottles of beeeeeer!

 I wanted to create a table cloth we could scribble and color on. 
So I took some contact paper and covered the table.

 Then cut fringes up to the edge of the table and taped the fringes underneath.

 Next came the decorating. I cut out some cute pics of Arik and 
made some talk bubbles that people could write in.

I made a mobile with pics and 32's handing from twine. 
I just taped circles back to back. Easy and cute. 

Also taped some to doors...

 and the fridge.

Here was the view when he came home.

32 lottery tickets...he actually made back over half!

The AMAZING snickers cupcakes. seriously. amazing.
Here's the recipe.

 The birthday boy enjoying some brew.

 Individual 7 layer dip. Love this idea. No more double dipping 
into the plate of dip...'cause you got your own! love.

 The boys enjoying Arik's first batch of home brew. 
A post about that is coming this week. very own cup o' dip. Dip recipe here.

 Us girls. Chillin'

 Cheddar ale burger, beer fries & beer.

 So much food.

Apple nut crisp. Turned out super yummy. 
Pic does not do it justice.

 Recipe here.

 A carboy...can't really remember what it does. 
Something for brewing beer.

 Arik got himself a kegerator and saved about a grand.
(gotta love craig's list)

 Happy birthday to the shiny, happy, thoughtful, talented,
super cute love of my life. I love you.

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  1. you really went all out!!! nice job! also I liked the ani difranco reference.